Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a native of South India. This tough grass usually grows to one meter in height although it can grow higher and forms clumps 600 – 900 mm wide. Unlike most grasses which form spreading mat like root systems, Vetivers’ strong, fibrous, binding roots go down between four and six meters. When correctly grown as a hedge, the roots bind with the earth forming an incredibly strong interlocked underground wall, stopping ground movement and slips. The hedge spreads surface water. The massive roots and dense foliage allow controlled drainage. These roots have been described as a living wall, a living filter strip and “live nail” reinforcement.

The plant can be grown over a very wide range of climatic and soil conditions, and if planted correctly can be used virtually anywhere under tropical, semi-tropical, and Mediterranean climates. It has characteristics that are totally unique to a single species.

It can be used for a variety of things including;

  • Agriculture
  • Reducing Soil Erosion
  • Treatment of Waste Water
  • Producing an Essential Oil
  • Make Bio-mass
  • Thatching and Weaving