Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Vetiver grass originate?

It is a native plant of southern India.

Is Vetiver invasive?

No. Vetiver does not seed, sucker, or flower in any manner. It does not send out rhizomes or stolons.

How big does the plant grow?

Vetiver grows up to 2 metres high and 600mm wide, to a depth of 3 – 5 metres. The roots do not grow wider than the plant itself.

Will cattle eat Vetiver grass?

Yes. Cattle will eat the new shoots. In some countries Vetiver is grown as stock food. It is recommended to fence off new plants for 3 months, allowing the plants to firmly anchor in the ground.

Do I need to water the Vetiver once planted?

Vetiver needs watering until it is established, usually two/three weeks. If water is scarce, vetiver can be dipped into a bucket of water until saturated, prior to planting, This will reduce the need for any further watering as it is drought tolerant.

How do I maintain Vetiver?

Once planted Vetiver needs little maintenance. Cut it back in spring if the plant is accessible.

Can I take cuttings from Vetiver?

Once established, vetiver plants can be separated onto slips (individual stolon’s) with some root attached and then replanted.